About Us

Welcome to our website!

We hope you will take the time to “get to know us,” find out what’s going on, and even be inspired to come for a visit! We are located in French Camp, MS , a small rural community off the Natchez Trace Parkway, between Jackson and Tupelo.

French Camp Presbyterian (FCPC) has the privilege of being both a “Community and Campus” Church with a mixture of local residents from the French Camp community and students & staff from French Camp Academy. We have 70-80 members but a full church of approx. 250 on Sunday mornings due to the many Academy students who attend. This is both a privilege and a challenge – a blend of seasoned believers, new Christians and many non-believers with no church background. Making the Gospel message relevant to all levels of our participants is a unique challenge, but not impossible for the God we serve, who’s Word is powerful and effective – and won’t return void! Whether we are planting or watering seeds – or have the joy of reaping a harvest, this is truly an incredible place to worship and serve the Lord!

In 2007 the church joined the Associate Reformed Presbyterian denomination (ARP) and enjoys being a part of Mississippi Valley Presbytery (MVP) where we are building personal ties and relationships with other churches in the ARP. We are delighted that MVP holds their summer camp at French Camp’s “Camp of the Rising Son” as well as an annual youth retreat in the Fall. Although we are an ARP church, many who attend our church from the Academy come from a variety of denominations. We are therefore, intentionally interdenominationally-minded and welcome all – both members and non-members – to worship and participate in the ministry of our church.